Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Trip to San Jose de Maipo

We went to a little town outside of Santiago about an hour or a little more.  It was beautiful.  We had a great time with our friends Greg and Bonnie McMurdie and Doug and Sally Pulsiper.  Both are serving as missionaries in Chile East mission and Chile Concepcion mission.
An Old Wheat Silo

Doug and Sally Pulsipher

Van and Millie

The Cat store

Millie, Bonnie and Sally at church

Sally and Doug, Van and Millie, Bonnie and Greg

Doug, Van and Greg!  Both my former companions

Recycling Parade

More Parade

Our Room at the Le Petit France Hotel

Sophia practicing her English.  Never met her before

All having dinner

More Parade

Our bar maids at dinner

At Greg and Boniie's house

Tree in the Plaza

Millie in our little bus

Van in the back of the bus

Video of the parade!

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  1. What was at the cat store?! That hotel looks really nice!