Monday, May 6, 2013

Sister Missionaries over for dinner and more

The Pocuro ward of the Las Condes Stake where we attend church has 2 sets of missionaries which are all Sisters and all Latin at this time.  They are a fun loving group of young sisters who enjoy teaching the gospel.  We have bonded with them just as we did with the North American sisters who previously have been in the ward.  So we had them over for dinner and also invited Gary Davis who recently returned to Chile.  We laughed a whole lot.  Reminded us of our family dinners with our 6 kids.  Even when I was growing up there was always laughter at the dinner table.  They have 4 baptisms scheduled for 2 weeks from now so they are seeing the fruits of their labors.

Ranch dressing was a hit!  Sister Torrez and Sister Gonzalez
Sister Torrez and Sister Arauojo

Sister Torrez, Sister Gonzalez and Sister Hernandez

Sister Gonzalez and Sister Hernandez

Triple Chocolate Cheesecake from Tortas y Tartas

The Sisters with Gary Davis

Sister Hernandez likes ice cream

Millie spreads a nice dinner table!



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