Friday, May 17, 2013

Mothers Day with Sister Araujo, Hernandez, Gonzalez and Torrez

Mother's Day was somewhat uneventful for us this year.  We had gone out to eat earlier in the week to celebrate.  So the Sunday activity included pancakes and diet Pepsi and ice cream!  Then we had the 4 sister missionaries over to Skype with their families.  I will try and get this right.  1 is from Paraguay, 1 from Nicaragua, and 2 from Peru.  The sheer delight to see them see their families on the computer screen was so exciting.  They just burst into tears and shouts for joy.  Then all the sisters hover around the screen so that they can all be seen and given the full bio on each one of their companions.  It was a good substitute for being with our children and grandchildren.

Sister Hernandez

Millie talking with the family!

Sister Araujo y Sister Torrez

Millie also had bought a ring for each of the sisters in Lapizlazuli the national stone of Chile.  They were pretty cheap by Chilean standards but well appreciated by these sisters.  In their minds they are $100 rings when they were closer to $10-15.  We spoil them whenever we get a chance. 

I have no idea why I can't make all the pictures big but if you click on one of the pictures it makes a slide show of all the pictures in large size.  Just sayin in case you were wondering!

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