Friday, May 17, 2013

Trip to La Ligua for shopping

When we got here a year ago in April we went to La Ligua shopping.  It was a good group.  This year was no exception.  What do you shop for?  Wool blankets, sweaters, scarves, shawls, etc.  They can be made out of Alpaca, baby Alpaca, etc.  You actually go to Valle Hermosa which has one street about 1 mile long lined on both sides with shops of artensans that make their own stuff in the back many of them.  So we take a taxi to the Pedro De Validvia Metro(subway) station.  Go 12 stops to the University of Santiago station which has the bus station.  We took a Tur Bus line bus.  2 hours to La Ligua.  Get off and go by colectivo taxi(4 people share) to Valle Hermosa about 4 kilometers.  We shopped for 2 hours had lunch and came back home just in time for Family Home Evening.  A long day to say the least but worth it to me. 
L-R Ardith and Art Hayden, Margie and Lance Willis, Sally and Jay Karen, Sandra Thompson and Karl Turley

Sandra Thompson and Millie on the subway

Sister Espinoza and Rina Onate eating lunch

The whole group eating lunch

Sister Onate had the national soup Cazuela.  Not my favorite!

Millie shopping in La Ligua

Would you pay to go to the bathroom here?

Millie and I at the bus

The group 2013

The group 2012
L-R front row, Rina Onate, Rudy Figueroa, Jay Karen, Sally Karen, Sister Workman, Betty Figueroa
Back Row L-R Rick and Stephanie Lee, Van and Millie Layman, Brother Workman
I think last year Rachel's comment was typical Senior Missionary outing.  And she is right.  We liked it so much did again this year!


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