Friday, May 17, 2013

San Cristobal with Karl and Edie Turley and Repulica and the National Cathedral

Karl Turley served his mission in Chile from 1965 to 1967.  He lived in what is called the Repulica sector of Santiago right by the Plaza Italia.  So we went by Metro(subway) to see if he could find his apartment.  He couldn't but he knew he was within 2 blocks of it.  High rises all around now!

These were the short buildings!

This is called the cell phone building!  Kinda looks like one of the old ones.

We also went to the Post Office in downtown and they had a telegraph museum.  Kind of fun to look at all the old stuff!

Edie Turley and Millie

Edie and Millie outside of the Santiago Post Office and Museum

Across from the Post Office is the National Cathedral of Chile.  It is an interesting church.  I even was able to take pictures of the Catholic Father doing Mass.  They said it was OK!

The corner of the cathedral
Mass being given

In front of the Cathedral

Our good friend Gary Davis was along to be our un paid tour guide!

We let Gary go do some other things while we hopped on the Metro to go to San Cristobal statue of the Virgin Mary that looks over all of Santiago.  Much to my surprise the Funicular(tram) was back in running order.  I had been told that it would be out of order for a year but it only took about 8 months.  So we were lucky to be able to show them this.  For some unknown reason to me Karl never went there as a missionary even though he lived less than a mile from it!  We had a good time.  We ran into sister missionaries from the Santiago East mission who had permission to come to it.  It is out their mission area.  One of the them was sister Chamberlain who had served in the Pocuro ward earlier.  She goes home in August like we do.
Sister Chamberlain is to the right of Millie

Karl, Edie and Millie

#2 Tram ready for us

Karl and Edie on the Tram

Millie and Van ready for a BYU game!

Notice any smog?

How about here?

A National drink

The English translation

Karl, Edie and Millie ready to go back down on the tram

View going down

And of course lunch at one of our favorite restaurants Eladios

Another view

We really enjoy our Monday's as our preparation day.  But we are generally very tired after going to Family Home Evening and getting home by about 8:30pm and then get up early to go to the temple.  But we are really blessed by our service and love our friends that we have made.  Both Chileans and U.S.

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