Monday, June 10, 2013

Counting down for Gary Davis, Perry Roberts 80th birthday and hard work at the temple

Our very close friend Gary Davis who lives about 2 blocks from the temple, is going home on July 1st probably not to return to Chile.  He has 2 church service mission calls at this time.  One in the Church Historian's office and the other with Agra Reserves a for profit arm of the church that has an olive tree farm here in Chile.  He and his wife were going to be returning to Chile this last January and serve until March of 2014.  But some health issues have kept Debbie in Lehi and Gary is now winding up their affairs here in Chile and finishing his mission work early. 

Gary, Millie and I went to the house of Susanna Orellana her daughter Eros, sister Nellye and brother in law Ariel this last Sunday for dinner.  Susanna always has food for an army and this time was no different. 
Millie adds:
We always have fun with the Orellana family.  Eros talks so fast that I finally gave up trying to understand the whole story she was telling.  We love that family a lot.  We spoke at Susanna's mothers funeral.  So it is bittersweet for Gary to say goodbye for the last time.  It will be diffucult at best for us as well in August.
Gary, Susanna, Eros, Ariel, Nellye, Millie and Van

Millie and Susanna looking at pictures on Millie's IPAD

Nellye, Gary, Eros, Ariel.  Gary organizing Eros laptop with all the picutures he has taken of their family

Millie and Susanna--she loved the IPAD
Gary, Susanna, and Millie at the Villa Sur Ward of the Ochagavia stake
We went to the restaurant "The Happening" in Las Condes for the 80th birthday lunch for Perry Roberts.  It was a great restaurant and food was great.  I hope I am as active as he is at 80!
Lance Willis, Frances and Perry Roberts, Van and Millie Layman and Margie Willis
We had a beautiful Seattle summer day for our adventure today!

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  1. Wow, August you are short-timers!!! The time, to me, has gone fast. I am sure it is a bitter-sweet time.