Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My indentifaction card experience

On September 6th Millie and I with another couple went to get our cedula indenficacion(indenfication card) that allows to stay in the country as missionaries.  I had one issued in 1969 when I was here before.  So right away I had 1 more place to go than the others.  It is called PDI short for Policia de Investigaciones de Chile.  It took more than 1 hour.  Then we went back to other place where Millie and the Grahams had been done for quite some time.  There they decided that I had to have 2 last names Layman Vanderbeek because that is what my Carne from 1969 said.  So then we all go over the the civil registry to complete the process.  They took one look at the visa with 2 last names and my passport with 1 last name and said they couln't give me one.  So fast forward to today.  We go where they issued the visa with 2 last names.  They were serving 136 and my number was 223.  Thank goodness Gabriel my helper and taxi driver went and talked to someone who took my passport and disappeared.  He came back 1/2 later and took us to someone who showed the law that says I can have 2 last names. She attached her name to the copy of the law and sent us on our way.  We went to the civil registry.  The boss lady asked who told us they couldn't issue the cedula with 2 last names.  Gabriel very quietly said you did!!  Well she knew this other boss lady and said go get a copy of the picture etc from the PDI and come back and they would process it.  So we go to the PDI and wouldn't you know it, the computer was down.  Another 45 minutes waiting.  Get what we need and go back and finally all is well.  I walked about 3 miles down town Santiago doing all this and it took 5 hours in total.  Millie no problems she has hers for a week!

Last Sunday we went to the El Bosque ward near San Bernardo to go to church with Eduardo and Soledad Rojas.  A young couple who work in the temple.  We then went to eat at her mother and dad's home where they live.  It was a very sweet experience.

Eduardo Soledad Rojas Millie and Van

Millie and Soledad

Soledad Millie and Eduardo

Soledad showing Millie Eduardo's mission pictures

2 missionaries both from Mexico Soldedad's mother and father

Millie Eduardo Soledad getting ready to eat!
Sunday evening there was a going away for 19 missionaries leaving the Chile Santiago East mission whose mission office is in the building next to the temple.  So they invite people to come and say goodbye on the square behind the temple.  We were watching from our apartment window when we noticed Elder Christofferson was there.  Had slipped my mind he was going home.  He worked in the mission office and we had taken them to dinner once.  So I went down and took a picture with him and said goodbye.  Gave him $10 for junk food in the airport at Atlanta.  He wouldn't take it at first as there is a mission rule they can't take money.  I finally convinced him it was ok.

Elder Christofferson and Van

A better picture!
This is me in the subway station showing you the map of the subway system.  In going to El Bosque we took 1 taxi, 2 subways and another taxi to get to the church.

La Cisterna metro station paradero 25 on the Gran Avenida

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  1. Isn't red tape great! What a process to get your Visa.