Monday, October 22, 2012

Villa Alemana, Vina Del Mar and surprise packages!

Joe and Dixie Bower and Millie and I went to Villa Alemana out on the coast to visit the Alex and Elizabeth Rojas home.  Brother Rojas loves to cook and wanted us to come for the day.  So we took a Pullman Bus from the bus station.  We really enjoyed the visit and the food.  Brother and Sister Trincado also came over to eat with us.  Alex and brother and sister Trincado work at the temple on Tuesday mornings.  We have enjoyed getting to know them.  They are wonderful people.

Van Millie 2 sister missionaries from Panama that we met Dixie and Joe

Joe Dixie Millie Alex and Van downtown Villa Alemana

Millie and Dixie in front of the flowers

Enough already with the pictures

The beach at Vina Del Mar

Alex Rojas cooking outdoors on the barbeque stove

Dixie Elizabeth Rojas and Millie at Vina Del Mar

Millie and Van at the historic Vina Del Clock

Elizabeth and Alex Rojas, Dixie and Joe Bowler, Millie and Van at Vina Del Mar

The clock

Rachel sent us 2 boxes

Joe and Dixie Bowler at the clock
Rachel sent us 2 boxes of stuff for Millie.  She now can officially survive the next 12 months!!

Last Saturday was a very busy day at the temple.  There are 10 sessions on Saturday and they were all full.  I think there were 8
or 9 buses from all over Chile.  I was tired at the end of our shift.  But very satisfying.

We went to church at 1925 Ingeniero Budge in San Miguel at paradero 9 1/2 on the Gran Avenida.  The same address I went to in 1969 for 5 months.  But instead of nice old house there is a stake center on the premises.  It was ward conference.  Millie stayed home as she was a little under the weather but I went with our friends Odell and Denise Peterson and their daughter Carley.  He was my companion in 1969 in another branch.  We both served in San Miguel a year apart.  They are here visiting for 3 weeks.

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  1. Mom you always stick your tongue out in pictures. You must think it's your best feature.