Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Van has been bugging me to write on the blog and after reading some of his posts I can see why he wants me to write.  He no longer proofs his writing.

Last Friday, the 5th of October, we went to our first Chilean wedding reception.  We had to go the the central bus station which became a taxi ride, I can do that.  At the bus station we got on this maybe 30 passenger bus (enough said).  It stopped at every little bus stop out to Penaflor which turned into an hour ride due to all the stops and traffic.  The reception was to start at 7 pm.  We arrived at 8 pm and the bride and groom arrived at 9:15 pm.  We had to leave around 11:20 pm to catch the bus at 11:30 pm.  We got dinner, missed dessert and all the fun things afterward.  The party went to 3 am.  There were three temple workers there.  We really enjoyed ourselves very much.  Our good friend Gary was with us as well.  You probably have seen the couple, Toby and Soledad, on Facebook.  Toby is the son of our good friends Rodolfo and Soledad Acevedo.  Yes, wife and mother have the same first name.

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