Thursday, October 11, 2012

Temple work is the best!!

Millie and I have been working in the temple here in Santiago now 6 months.  What have we learned?  Temple work is the best!!  I never thought I would feel so strongly about it.  I knew I enjoyed doing genealogy but now I understand why.  Getting names prepared to take to the temple is but one part of the Lord's work.  The other part is doing the work yourself.  Elder Richard G Scott reminded us of that at General Conference last Sunday.  Elizabeth Craine was thrilled to have her saving ordinances done today in the Santiago Temple.  Millie and I both felt it as did our good friend Sister Dixie Bowler.  We are having special experiences working in the temple each and every day. 

As you can see from these happy faces of Toby and Soledad Acevedo getting married in the temple is an awe inspiring experience.

Millie holding the bride's bouquet

Betsy, Clarence, Vivian, Yvonne, Soledad Villanueva and Millie
I knew the Villanuevas when they were 14, 12, 10, 6 and not born.  They were in Calalma where I served.  They are a great family and we love them dearly.  Especially on the Soledad's youngest Toby getting married.

We look forward to having more special experiences in the temple during the next 11 months and beyond.  I have often felt comforted that all 6 of my children have had the privilege to be in the temple at least once in their life.  So I know they felt something special and hopefully will want to return there one day to be with Mom and Dad and brothers and sisters.  And wives and husbands too of course.

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