Monday, April 29, 2013

Weclome to the Turleys, Happy Birthday Hermana Hernandez and Thanks Soledad Villanueva Acevedo!

It seems that time is flying by and I don't always take time to document the great experiences we are having here in Santiago.  After the Bowlers went home, Millie was wondering if she would have another friend to replace her.  Well how bout 2 friends.  Margie Willis arrived in January and now Edie Turley has arrived.  Millie actually went to high school with her.  Edie was 2 years ahead of her in school.  So we had a welcome dinner on the second floor of the hospedaje for them.  We had a fun time.  They are from Eager, Arizona and he is a retired school teacher.
L-R Sister Jimenez, Pardo, Willis, Onate, Fuentealba, Gardella, Hayden, Layman Seated Roberts, Turley

Millie and Ardith

All the sisters!

L-R Hermano Turley, Gardella, Pardo, Jimenez, Roberts, Layman, Willis, Hayden, Fuenteabla

Lance Willis and Karl Turley

Art and Ardith Hayden and Pelusa and Pepe Pardo

President Julio Otay and Elena Otay Temple President and Matron

Elder Karl Turley giving his testimony

We had the privlege to go to Soledad Villanueva Acevedo's home to have dinner on Sunday.  I knew Soledad as a 14 year old in Calama Chile and I knew her husband Rodolfo Acevedo as an 18 year old in San Antonio, Chile.  We have been friends ever since our first visit in 1999.  Rodolfo passed away in January of 2012 after a long life of service in the church.  Soledad is going to Las Vegas, Nevada next week for 6 months to visit her daughter Brenda, son in law Clint and their 4 kids.  Toby Acevedo and his wife Soledad and their son Tommy and Charles Acevedo were there as well.  We really love them! 

L-R Charles, Soledad, Toby, Soledad


L-R Charles, Soledad, Toby, Soledad


Tommy Acevedo
L-R Charles, Millie, Soledad, Toby, Soledad

Van, Millie, Soledad, Toby Soledad

Van, Millie, Soledad, Toby, Charles

Van, Millie, Soledad, Toby, Charles

Millie and Soledad sisters in the pre-existence along with Debbie Davis
When we were at the Hard Rock Cafe the sister missionaries told us that Sister Hernandez had a birthday the next Wednesday so I asked her what her favorite desert was.  She said cheesecake.  So I arranged to have one delivered from a bakery I frequent.  She was thrilled as you can see from the party they had for her.
Sister Hernandez, Sister Torrez holding cheesecake, Sister Araujo

Sister Hernandez

Sister Berthrong, Hernandez, Torrez, Graham, Udall, Brother Graham and Udall

Sister from Bolivia visiting,  Berthrong, Hernandez, Torrez, Graham, Udall, Brother Graham and Udall

Of course Millie and I couldn't attend because we were at the temple.  Just a few of things we are doing here in Santiago.  We are happy serving the Lord in His Holy House.  We really don't look forward to saying good-bye to this country, people and temple.  But it will a sweet homecoming seeing our children and grandchildren including 2 new ones.  Just found out that friends of ours from Hermiston Mark and Alicia Bell have their call to the Phillipines going in July.  We have several friends currently serving.  I know that it is a blessing for all our families

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