Friday, April 5, 2013

This and that

Living in a foreign country now 1 year has been an interesting experience.  While our life here has been rewarding in so many ways, it also has its challenges.  Dealing with another culture and mindset each and every day you realize how much your American upbringing is so different.  Especially in the temple, the way of doing things is far different than in say Seattle.  That is part of the growth Millie and I have had to embrace.  Still a work in progress for us!

Our street Pedro de Validivia goes about 1 mile in one direction and 1 mile in another.  Within that we do all our shopping, walking, going to church and any other thing we might do. There are weeks we hardly are a 20 minute walk away from our apartment.  Good news is that Costanera Center mall is like being at South Center in Seattle.  So going there makes feel like we are at home.

When you walk you have to continually have your eyes on the ground as sidewalks are so uneven and chalk full of potential ways to fall down.  So far only once for me and none for Millie.  One of our friends here when jogging took a header and had to have stitches.

We want everyone to know how much we love keeping up on facebook, email, skype etc.  We love the pictures.  Our grandkids pictures are what really keep us going each and everyday.  I can honestly say that I never knew how much I would miss them.  Thank you Nellie for keeping us up on Reagan's progress.  She is so cute.  And of course all the others as well.

We are starting into fall and winter.  I keep thinking that it should be football season but a few months away.  I will try harder to keep you apprised of our activites but we find ourselves sometimes a little lax in documenting our time here in the mission.  We are looking forward to having a new couple come to the temple in 2 weeks time.  The Turleys are from Eager, Arizona and Millie went to high school with Edie Turley.  So should be fun to have them come.

This is Millie, her hairdresser Daniel, and Ida Murphy
Millie and Margie Willis at Los Dominicos

Lance and Margie Willis and Van and Millie Layman at old Chilean mission home Alcantara 360

Lance and Margie Willis at Los Dominicos

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