Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sister Missionaries of the Pocuro ward

We have really enjoyed getting to know the sister missionaries assigned to our Pocuro ward.  Currently the missionaries are Sister Gonzalez, Uruguay, Sister Araujo, Peru, Sister Hernandez, not sure, and Sister Torres, Peru.

They all live accross the street with Elder and Sister Berthrong below them and Elder and Sister Udall above them.  They both say that giggling and laughter can be heard at all times of the day and night.  We had occasion to take them to the Hard Rock Cafe here in Santiago.  They called and said they had no dinner appt for that day and could we feed them.  In the background I could hear Sister Torrez say, ask them if they could go to the Hard Rock like we had done with Sister Gonzalez and Sister Rineheart.  So we had a good time as always.  Here are a few pictures

Sister Araujo, Sister Gonzalez, Sister Torrez, Sister Hernandez and Millie

 Sister Araujo and Sister Gonzalez

 All of us
 All of us again
 Ready to play the drums

 Sister Torrez and Sister Hernandez a little ice cream
 Al Ataque for these sisters

Millie not having ice cream