Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving in Santiago Chile

Dixie Bowler and Millie tasked me with finding a restaurant that would have a somewhat traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  They had no desire to cook and wanted a small gathering to celebrate the day.  It was a day in the temple in the morning so no one wanted to mess with a dinner after that.  So I talked with the following hotels:  Sheraton, Marriott, Ritz Carlton, a couple of local ones, and the Radisson.  The Radisson got back to me and said yes they would provide a dinner.  So we made reservations for 5 including Gary Davis with us and the Bowlers.  We had a fun time and the food was great.

Green Beans, Mushrooms, over an Onion Ring

Turkey, Corn, Cranberry sauce, Blue Berries, Sweet Potatoes over mashed potatoes

Millie, Dixie and Joe Bowler, Gary Davis

Pumpkin tort, Cooked Apples, and Chocolate Cookie for Dessert

Our personal piano player for 2 hours!

Joe, Gary, Van, Millie and Dixie

Pumpkin pie from De Tartas y Tortas!  Very good!

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