Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Package from Home, Birthday with Soledad Rojas and Temple Workers Devotional

We have the greatest kids who love us so much that they send us packages to us that cost way too much to send but they do it anyway.  The latest installment was one from Rachel with Millie's much needed new temple shoes that she ordered.  Thanks so much as Millie is very comfortable now in the temple!

Thanks Rachel!!
It was Soledad Rojas' birthday and she came to our apartment to thank us for the gift we had left for her.  She and Eduardo are such a cute couple and we have loved getting to know them working in the temple.

Soledad and Millie

Each year the temple presidency has a devotional for all temple workers.  It was at our ward building next door to the temple.  It was a wonderful meeting with powerful messages.  The focus was obedience and going the extra mile in our service.  It was great to see all the workers we know in such a different setting.  We took advantage and took a few pictures.

Saturday morning Sealing Director Sis LaBra and Shift Co-Ordinator Sister Cisternas

Van, Millie, Sis Cisternas, Sis LaBra, ??

Same Group with More Sisters can't remember names without name badges!!

Millie and ?

Millie and Sister LaBra

Millie and Sister Perez!  She makes the necklaces of Lapizlazuli
Brother and Sister Rodriguez  She is always smiling!!!
A scripture from the D&C says "Be Still and know that I am".  I felt that several times in the last week as I have labored in the temple.  Millie and I know that we are not alone in the work that we participate in each day.  It is a wonderful feeling knowing how thin the veil is between this mortal life and the life beyond.

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