Monday, November 5, 2012

Sister Zoila Orellana passes away

It is hard to express our loss with the passing of Zoila Orellana mother to our very close friend Susanna and grandmother to Eros and Lalo.  She has been sick for the last couple of years so it was not unexpected.  But it will be different going to their house and not entering her celestial bedroom to visit with her and give her a blessing(she always asked for one).  Gary Davis and Millie and I attended the funeral.  We were all asked to speak.  Millie gave 1/2 her talk in Spanish and 1/2 in English with me translating.  It was a very inspiring hour.

Patty and Jorge Seura
We got to meet Patty's new husband Jorge.  A delightful brother. 

Ariel and Nellye were there as well.
Nellye and Ariel
Eros was there with all her cousins.  They don't see each other very much.
Eros(in red) and her cousins
Teresa and her 2 sons and duaghter Romy
This is Susanna with all of her brothers and sisters.

Mario, Susanna, ?, Patty, Teresa, Nellye and Ramon Sepulveda

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