Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Little of this and a little of that

Today is May 1st in Chile and it is Labor Day so the temple is closed.  So we had yesterday Monday and today off.  Nice little rest for the weary!.  This last week was continuation of our learning of the previous week.  I am finally not as nervous officiating in the ordinances of the temple.  I attended several sessions of the endowment and I think I know it better in Spanish and than English at this point.  Millie is doing great with her assignments at the temple.  She is trying to speak as much as possible and the Chilean people really try and help her along.  We will be switching to the morning shift at the temple for the next 6 weeks.  Will have to be there at 7 AM or 8 AM Tuesday thru Friday.  Get thru at 3 PM.   Saturday a little different.  Either at 5 AM or 6 AM and get done at 1 PM.  So we shall see how it goes. 

Sunday at church sacrament meeting was on the Prophet Joseph Smith.  They had a great choir and we learned things we didn't know.  We had Gary Davis, our friend who lives here, over for dinner and a visit.  Always good to have him over. 

Monday Millie and I went to Los Dominicos to do a little shopping and browsing.

Millie buying a sweater and a scarf

Millie browsing

It was an open air market

Millie in front at the sign

We had to take the Metro(subway) to get the Los Dominicos.  Not Millie's favorite thing but it wasn't too crowded.
Millie sitting down

Van standing and holding on
Here is a picture of the bus we had to take to get to the Metro station. 
Bus 103 or 117 on Pedro de Valdivia
After shopping I took Millie to late lunch early dinner.  We went to Eladio's in Providencia on Once de Septiembre street.  It is on the 5th floor of a 16 story building.  Very good steak, Millie loved the Palta(Avocado) salad she had.  One thing in Chile that I love is their Pure(mashed potatoes). 

Sign in the entry

Van at Eladio's

Here are a couple of pictures of our Hospedaje(where we live).  We are on the 4th floor at the far right windows.
Front of the Hospedaje

Our apartment top far right
Van in front of Hospedaje

Millie in front of the many cars of the mission, area, etc

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