Monday, May 7, 2012

A great week at the temple and Sunday even better!

This week at the temple was our first on the morning shift.  We had to go in at 8 AM, 7 AM, and 6 AM on various days.  We then were done by 3 PM and 12:30 PM on Saturday.  I kind of liked that schedule.  But this week will be same except on Saturday we have to open the temple at 5 AM.  Getting up at 3:45 AM?  Not generally in my schedule.  But we can do it.  Our first Saturday morning wasn't too bad.  Yes the temple was busy and no there weren't enough men as always but we get the work done.  I won't take time to explain how you are able to attend sessions here as it is too complicated with the time I have.  Suffice to say it is very interesting and inspired.

Sunday was a great Fast and Testimony meeting.  We felt blessed to be in attendance.  Then Sunday afternoon Gary Davis and I went to Los Andes Stake for a meeting they had with all their returned missionaries.  Our friend Dave Memmott invited us.  Paola Sepulveda was there as well as Olga Palacios Gonzalez and her daughter Deniis.  The 3 are such special people in our lives.  It was overwhelming spiritually.
Olga Palacios and Van Layman in Los Andes Chile

The group in Los Andes, Chile

Deniis Palacios, Olga Palacios, and Van Layman in Los Andes, Chile

Paola Sepulveda and Gary Davis in Los Andes Chile

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