Monday, May 28, 2012

Anniversary, Argentines, hugs, despedidas, missionaries and hard work!

This week found us with Argentines from Mendoza here at the Santiago Temple.  They come by bus and car thru a pass similar to Snoqualmie pass in Washington State where we are from.  They came on Wednesday and attended the temple and helped us as ordinance workers as well. They got snowed in and had to stay until Monday morning! They are such humble people.  Let me tell you about 1 family.  Bishop and Sister Ruiz.  They have 4 young daughters, he goes to school full time as does she.  He works and is Bishop at the same time.  And did I mention he can't be age 30 yet!  So faithful.  They will be finished with school this year where he will have a degree in Business and English.  It reminded me of Millie and I at about the same age.  Doing things we didn't think were possible but with Heavenly Fathers help it can be done.

High Councilor from Mendoza, Bishop Ruiz and Millie downloading to think pad

Millie and 1 of the Ruiz daughters
Millie and Sister Ruiz(wife of Bishop)
Another significant event this last week was Millie and my 40th anniversary on May 24th.  We celebrated by going to La Hacienda an Argentine Steak restaurant with Gary Davis.  We had a nice evening. 
Van and Millie and John Wayne in the background

Close up just before my Flan dessert
A common occurrence on Saturdays are weddings at the temple.  This is what we see out our window each Saturday!!

This last Sunday night we had a despedida(good-bye) for Ken and Sue Ann Workman from Emmett, Idaho.  They have had to have extraordinary courage to complete their mission.  They had to go home in the middle of their 18 months for her knee to be replaced a second time.  They elected to come back and finish.  Brother Workman speaks little Spanish but has won the hearts of many people here in Chile.  I think it is a miracle that he could work so well in the temple with few language skills other than knowing the ordinances in Spanish.  I learned what a kind heart can do in loving the Chilean people. 

Rick and Stephanie Lee, Sue Ann and Ken Workman, Sister and Brother Graham

Van and Millie with the Workmans

Ken giving a tearful good bye to us all

Sue Ann giving a more tearful good bye
The Workmans will be missed for sure!

On Sunday there was a baptism in our Pocurro Ward.  Seth Asthton age 8 was baptized.  His mother had been praying for a way to return to church after being away for some 8 years.  That same day the sister missionaries came to her house.  Sister Sacamartie(sp) and Sister Johanson have really enjoyed teaching them.  Seth asked Gary Davis to come to the baptism and said I could come along too!  It was a very neat way to spend Sunday afternoon.

Seth Ashton and his friend in primary hemanito Seguel

Sister Salamartie(sp) Rosa Arriagada, Sister Johanson,  hemanito Seguel behind, and Seth Ashton

Gary Davis, Rosa Arriagada, Seth Ashton, Van Layman  hemanito Seguel

Seth's grandma, mom, grandpa, uncle, aunt, cousin, Seth,  hemanito Seguel

Everyone taking pictures!

Sister Johanson, Sister Sacamartie(sp) Seth,  hemanito Seguel and Brother Budini

Van Layman, Brother Budini, Rosa's sister, Rosa, Gary Davis, Seth, and guess who!!
Rosa Arriagada and Seth Ashton

Seth and his mom!

I have talked about everything but the hard work.  Millie and I find ourselves in a constant state of being tired.  Working in the temple is the most rewarding thing we have ever done.  But at the same time very tiring.  Getting up at 5:45am or 6:45am and then being in the temple 6-8 hours does tend to ware you out.  Then that Saturday morning that is your turn to get up at 3:45 am and open the temple at 5:00am.  Well you get the picture.  And we are the youngest couple here!!!  One of the new couples asked one of the older couples when they got here what they did in their spare time!!  Well after a week or two they knew the answer.  You try and rest up for the next week!!  Doing the Lord's work is more than fulfilling.  It is exhilarating but then we are resting up for the upcoming week!!


  1. Happy anniversary, glad to hear you guys are enjoying the work!

  2. Sounds like things are going good for you and that you are getting into a (long) routine. It does sound trying. Today we drove 38 miles one way to find a member of the Branch. More on our blog next week. Keep up the good work.