Monday, April 16, 2012

We have arrived in Chile!! Yea Viva Chile

We left the MTC on April Friday the 13th at 6;00am.  There was one couple going to Washington DC and 12 elders going to Peru.  We got to Salt Lake about 7:45 with 5 suitcases, 2 carry on suitcases and 2 computer bags.  At our age you have to give careful attention as to how many bags you have.  We had weighed them to the pound.  All 5 were 49 pounds.  We paid our $180 for the 5th bag and were excited to do so.
Tom Hollingsworth, Millie and Van Layman at Heaps of Pizza in Provo night before we left the MTC

Millie weighing books to make sure we stayed under 50 pounds. 

Our luggage out in the hall at the MTC

April 13th 2012 at the Salt Lake City airport. My coat weighed 12 pounds with all the electronics I was carrying
We flew to Los Angeles Airport where we changed planes and then to Lima Peru and changed planes in the middle of the night.  Arriving at 6:30am Chilean time(2:30am PST).  Needless to say we were tired.  Brother Anullo(sp) the Santiago Temple recorder was there to greet us.  Millie was worried about customs and all that but it went smooth.  Brother Anullo commented that we had 9 suitcases and he was glad he brought a van to pick us up.  It took us only about 45 minutes to get to our quarters behind the temple.  We immediately unpacked and slept for 6 hours awaking about 2:30pm.  We then went to lunch/dinner with Elder and Sister Bowler who will be our mentors.  He asked if we went to the Hacienda restaurant if it be OK.  He explained a little about it and I said sure.  I then told him it was my favorite restaurant in the area.  Their steaks are great.  Not to mention the flan!!

Millie on our flight to Chile

Our apartment on our arrival.  Out our window is the Santiago Temple!!

Our kitchen

More of our kitchen

Millie, Dixie and Joe Bohler at the La Hacienda restaurant first day in Chile

We were in bed by 9:00pm.  We then slept until 9:00am on Sunday.  Got up and went to church which is a 2 minute walk!!!  Millie gets to go to an English Sunday School class.  I went to High Priests and they asked me to teach the first Sunday I attend for next week.  We shall see how my Spanish really is.  The that night at 5:00pm they had a welcome dinner for us at the Bowlers.  The Lee's, the Figueroas and Sister Anastiz, Pacheco and ? attended.  We had ham, potatoes, pasta salad, salad and cake for dessert.  They have been great to get acquainted with.  Then we attended a Despedida(going away) for 3 sister missionaries of the Santiago East Mission.  They have beautiful grounds with fountains right outside by the temple.  Many ward members came as well as large number of missionaries as they were doing transfers that night. 
Brother Rudy Figueroa, Sister ?, Sister Pacheco at welcome dinner

Despedida for Sister McGee at Santiago Temple

Millie talking with Sister Dalton and Sister Berthong

Gathering at Despedida

On Monday Millie and I went to the store called Lider and bought our groceries.  Rachel your chilean coins paid the tip at the check out to the young chilean bagger.  500 pesos about $1.  We then dropped off the groceries took a taxi to Parque Arauco Mall.  We went in to Falabella and bought a few things for the bathroom and apartment.  Also went to Monarch store to get some hose for Millie.  We could have been at South Center in Tukwila, Washington the mall was that nice.  We didn't eat chilean food instead went very American at Tony Roma's. 

Then Monday night we had family home evening with all couples serving in any capacity here on the Square as they call it.  About 14 couples.  It was very nice a Chilean artist who is in charge of all the artwork etc in the Santiago Temple shared with us some of thoughts on beauty and the gospel.  Then showed us a couple of paintings of Salt Lake Temple and the Manti Temple.  Very inspiring.

Millie at Lider shopping.  Wasn't supposed to take pictures as I found out


  1. Fun to see what you are doing and love your apartment. I think you are going to love every minute you are there.

    1. Shawna 2 nights working in the temple. boy this is going to be hectic!!!! We have enjoyed it though but it is 11:30pm and we are having a snack and unwinding as we closed the temple down as part of our assgiment. Millie is doing great with the language.