Monday, April 23, 2012

Our First week in Chile

I think you could term our first week "The week that was".  It had to have been one of most unique weeks of my life and to experience it with Millie was such a treat.  Millie and I arrived at 6:30am at the international airport in Santiago, Chile on April 14, 2012.  We were met at the airport by Brother Anullo(sp) the Santiago Chile temple recorder as President Otay and his wife were out of town at a stake conference.  We got to our residence emptied our suitcases put everything away and went to bed.  Exhausted after being up 28 hours we went to bed for a nice 6 hour nap.  We got up somewhat refreshed after showering etc and were taken to dinner at the La Hacienda restaurant by Elder(Joe) and Sister(Dixie) Bowler from Bunkerville, Nevada just outside Mesquite.
Had steak and my favorite Flan for dessert.  Went back to the apartment to sift thru a few more things and check things out.  Elder(Ken) and Sister(Sue Ann) Workman and Elder(Rick) and Sister(Stephanie) Lee stopped by to say hi to us and bring us yummy bread made in Chile.

Sunday was a normal day at church except it was in Spanish.  They do have an English Sunday School class that many of the couples and or sisters or brothers attend that don't speak Spanish as well as they would like.  All told there are probably 12 couples serving here in various capacities.  I found that my comprehension was very good.  Millie struggled as long as she could then read her scriptures a little during Sacrament meeting.  Her feet swelled up from the flight so she went home after Sunday School with another sister to rest and put her feet up.

Prices are comparable to the United States or more expensive depending on what you buy.  The fruit and vegetables are very good.  We love the bread (Pan Amasado)!  It is about 6 blocks away so we walk to it and take a taxi back with our groceries.  Then Monday night we had family home evening with 10 American couples and 3 single sister missionaries.  2 are from Chile and 1 from the United States.  We had a local Chilean brother who is a painter and a graphic designer who has taught at BYU and worked in Australia talk about art and things that edify.

Then on Tuesday afternoon we went to the temple to start working.  For those who are LDS and been to the temple to start working you kind of know what we would be expected to do.  For those who aren't, inside LDS temples we do vicarious work for those who are dead and people who haven't been to the temple come for themselves the first time.  It is a hectic pace.  Their are 5 missionary couples working here.  2 are on the morning shift and 3 on the evening shift.  We were immediately thrown into the fray!  Of course all is in Spanish so was a very stressful!!  But after 1 week there isn't much we haven't done!!  The people here are great.  They just need more Chilean workers! 

We get home about 10:30pm after starting at 3:00pm.  We have been very tired but very satisfied in our service. 

Tuesday night we were awakened at 12:50am by a 6.6 on the richter scale earthquake.  The epicenter was out toward the coast near Valparaiso.  To say the least we were shaken up a little bit!!!!

My toothbrush the only casualty of the earthquake.  It fell down.

Saturday's are very hectic at the temple.  There were 8 buses of saints from all over the country that come Friday night stay over on the 2nd floor of our hospedaje and attend the temple all day.  We finally got home at 8:30pm as the last session was at 5:30pm but there were very few workers other than us missionaries to finish the work.

So that is the first week!!

Millie and I are very happy as you can see in the picture.

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