Saturday, April 7, 2012

1st week at the MTC

So the MTC is an experience that no couple should want to miss.  It is one of the most power packed weeks I have ever experienced.  From the moment you get there the missionaries greet you and take your bags to your room and say leave them there and off you are to your first meeting to get acquainted with the other couples.  There are 45 couples and 3 single sisters in our group.  Last week there were 89 people.  They said these were the largest groups they have ever had.  The first quarter of the 2012 Senior Missionary couples numbers are up 25%.  I feel blessed to be a part of that increase.  We all introduce ourselves, where we are from, where we are going, and how many missions as couples we have served.  The amazing thing was there were couples serving their 4th, 5th and 6th missions.  What wonderful examples they are to us all.  They then assign you to a district.  Ours has 4 couples.

Elder and Sister Wood Mesa Arizona going to Texas as Member Support

Elder and Sister Harmon Lehi Utah going to West Virgina for Member Support

Elder  and Sister Cheff a town close to Missoula called Ronan going to Madrid Spain on CES misson working with Young Single Adults

Sister Millie Layman Auburn Washington
The Woods are on their first mission at age 77.  Oh My!  The Harmon's have only been married 2 years and Cheffs met in Venezuela.  What a diverse and great group. 

Elder Van Layman, Brother Harmer, and Sister Millie Layman
Brother Keepman

Elder Van Layman, Sister Millie Layman, and Brother Keepman
We finally got lunch and paid our fees and were allowed to unpack and get ready for another meeting.  I must say Preach my Gospel has a whole new meaning to me.  There are 2000 missionaries here now and what a sight.  Heavenly Father has to be pleased with these young men and women who have chosen to serve.  Tuesday we were right at it getting ready to teach the first discussion as a Senior Missionary couple.  Our morning teacher is Brother Harmer, a returned missionary that served in Australia Chinese speaking.  Our afternoon teacher is Brother Keepman, a returned missionary that served in Lubbock, Texas misson.  What great teachers!!

The traditional picture at the map.  Pointing to Santiago Chile
Tuesday night we had a devotional with Elder Lance Wickman, Emeritus 70 and chief general counsel for the church.  He used his military background to inspire us.  He told us to go for broke. 
Then Wednesday morning at 10am we taught the first discussion about the restoration etc to James our investigator volunteer.  The interesting thing is that Brother Harmer is watching via camera that is watching us.  Very nerve racking and inspiring at the same time.  Probably the first time Millie and I had taught together.  She was really good and we worked well together.  We didn't go overboard in preparing too many things but tried to remember we were teach a person not a lesson.  It went pretty well.  The 45 minutes flew by.  We had language training for 2 hours from 6-8pm.  We were exhausted but had to prepare to teach the 2nd discussion Thursday afternoon.  Our mornings start at 7am breakfast meeting at 8am class the rest of the morning. Lunch and another joint meeting then more class.  Thursday afternoon we taught Brother Li.  A very interesting brother.  These are volunteers who pretend to be investigators with questions.  Boy do they ever.  Once again the 45 minutes flew by.  Then Thursday night language tutoring with Leticia Murillo.  What a sweetheart.  We have come to love her so much.  She is such an outstanding teacher.  Here are a couple of pictures and picture of her teaching on the white board.
Leticia Murillo teaching

Subjunctive on the white board

Millie and Leticia
So then it all comes to an end on Friday.  Many of the couples are on their way to parts all of over the world.  Friday night we washed clothes and pretty much would down.  Of course each study of the language, study the scriptures. try and answer an email or 2.  Saturday totally slept a little longer to catch up with our beauty sleep.  We went shopping with Debbie and picked up a few things we needed.  Then after dinner we walked down to the Creamery on 9th East for some ice cream to start our fast as tomorrow is fast Sunday and Easter.

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