Saturday, March 16, 2013

Torres Del Paine

Jay and Sally Karren, Ida Murphy, Perry and Frances Roberts, Rina Onate, and Van and Millie Layman

 Rina and Ida
 This is off the internet
 This is off the internet
 Behind Grey Lake
This is another picture

 Millie glad for lunch
A toast to our trip
We were in Torres Del Paine Chile March 8, 2013.  I have always wanted to go see it since my missionary days in Chile.  There are no words that will really describe the grandeur of this national park.  It surely is a paradise for trekkers as well.  We were lucky to have a private tour in a van with an English speaking guide.  I listened more to the Spanish part to truly understand.  There were 8 of us and we had a great time.  We stopped at Grey Lake and had lunch at a hotel there.  It was cloudy and we for sure didn't get clear pictures.  But that did not deter us from taking many pictures.  The clouds added mystery to me!!  We saw Grey lake and glacier, The towers, Salto grande, and many other random peaks and valleys.  I will see how adding these pictures goes.  I have not been having alot of luck always.

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  1. Me encanta que disfruten su tiempo en Chile, el paraíso al final del mundo... LES QUEREMOS MUCHO!!!

    Soledad & Eduardo