Sunday, March 10, 2013

All the Current Missionaries at Santiago Chile Temple

Front Row/L to R/ Lance Willis and Margie Willis, Frances Roberts, President Julio Otay Sister Otay(behind)
Pelusa Pardo and Pepe Pardo (behind), Art and Ardith Hayden, Rina Onate, Sister Jimenez and Brother Jimenez(behind) back row/Van and Millie Layman, Sister and Brother Gardella/Perry Roberts taking the picture
This picture was taken the Sunday of our welcome dinner.  We work either the morning or afternoon shifts.  Currently we, Willis's,  Roberts and Sister Onate work the morning.  Pardo's, Jiminez, Gardella's and Fuenteabla's not pictured work the mornings.  It is hard work but very gratifying doing the Lord's work in the temple.

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