Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hot weather, good friends and good food!

We are so blessed to have so many good restaurants so close by.  Steak, seafood, Peruvian food, Chilean food, American restaurants are all in walking distance well taxi distance for sure.  We love eating out with our good friends the Bowlers.  But we love going to their apartment as well for the great cakes, cookies etc that Dixie cooks.  Add Millie's cinnamon rolls and Texas cake, I am not wanting for goodies.  Of course there are no less than 4 bakeries in short walking distance as well.  I am starting to gain a little of the 25 pounds back that I have lost.

I have been called to be the trainer in the temple.  A daunting task but I will do my best.  We are seeing our friends the Bowler's going thru the realization they go home next week after 18 months.  As Millie says it will be really hard to say goodbye to our Chilean friends.  Not thinking about that right now.  Just enjoying each and every day giving our time and talent in the service of the Lord.

We really enjoy so much when the kids call and skype with us.  Wish we could do it more but we are all so busy and it is 5 hours difference from the west coast. 

We are trying to take care of ourselves physically and spiritually.  They seem to be intertwined.  Working in the temple is demanding of both.

No new pictures but will take some this week to post!

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  1. Lets see on our mission in Harlowton we could eat at the Wade Cafe, The Stockmen's Bar and Grill (not) or the Snowy Mountain Coffee House (they had great sandwiches). I guess if you wanted a drink there were about 5 Bars on Main Street. I guess you have us beat on good places to eat.