Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tididngs from Chile

San Cristobal Hill Virgin Mary

Rick and Stephanie Lee and Millie

Catholic Cathedral in downtown Santiago

Santiago Post Office

Virgin del Carmen parade

La Moneda in downtown Santiago

Pretty building



What about that smog

Millie and I want you all to know how blessed we are.  We have been able to skype with Paul and Nellie and see our new granddaughter Raegan.  We are so excited for them!!

Today in the temple the 2nd counselor, President Flores told the youth from Frutillar(southern chile)"you will remember this day all of your lives".  I know that to be true.  I hope that my children remember their experiences doing baptisms for their and other peoples ancestors.  They were literally "Saviors on Mt. Zion".

Millie and I are reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish and we are having such a great experience feeling the spirit of the language and the Book of Mormon.  I once again have learned how important to know the truths of the Book of Mormon. 

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