Monday, July 9, 2012

My RUT, Orellana Family, and P-Day

Today is Preparation day in our mission as the temple is closed on Mondays.  It seems that this day gets more important for us just to rest from our labors.  We try and wash our clothes during the week so as not to have dueling washers on Monday.  There are 3 washers and 3 dryers for about 9 couples and 1 single sister.  That gives us more time to be a little more lazy!  Millie cleaned this morning and I went with Gary Davis to the government place to get my RUT number.  What is a RUT?  It is Chile's version of a Social Security number.  When I was a missionary in 1968-1970, I was issued one and it has been in their system ever since.  Upon entering Chile this year, I entered as a tourist.  The church is doing the paperwork to register us as missionaries but it takes upwards of 4-5 months to finalize it.  So with my RUT number now I can get a cell phone, a frequent shopper card with Lider and of course with Jumbo!!

On Sunday past Millie, Gary Davis and I attended church with Susanna Orellana, her daughter Eros and family in the Villa Sur ward in San Miguel.  I have known Susanna since the day I arrived in Chile in 1968.  Her mother is now 85 and in failing health and we wanted to see her before she passes away.  Their ward is small but have a great building to meet in.  There was maybe 40 in attendance.  The full time missionaries talked on missionary work.  Sunday School class was on Ammon and Lamoni from Alma 18 of the Book of Mormon.  And High Priests was on missionary work as well.  All done very well.

We then had dinner at Susanna's.  It is a big deal to Susanna as she feels feeding us is one way she can give of herself to thank us for coming to visit.  We had chicken, empanadas, baby pizza bites, avocado salad, diet Pepsi, coke, orange juice to name a few things.  It is one of the best visits I make while I am in Chile.  We always are asked to give everyone blessings that want one.  It was a very sweet spirit that attended us.  Susanna invited her best friend to dine with us.  She had a Russian last name I didn't catch very well.

Susanna and her friend cooking

Susanna and Eros

Table ready for dinner

Gary Davis and Millie

Friend and Teresa Orellana

Susanna, Millie and Eros looking at pictures

Susanna, Millie and Eros

Gary in the dining room

Looking at pictures

Susanna's friend

Eros and Millie with a tender moment

Eros Millie, Susanna, friend, Teresa

Eros, Millie, Susanna, friend, Teresa and Van

All with Gary Davis
We had 7 buses from out of town on Saturday at the temple.  We had a warm day 60 degrees so there were alot people on the square.  It was a very spiritual day in the temple as many people brought their family cards to do their ordinances.  Always special doing your families vicarious temple work.

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