Sunday, February 12, 2012

Shopping is always an important part of getting ready for the mission.  Guess what?  This trip was all about Van.  He was the guy who has worn out his "dress-up" clothes working in them and traveling in them a lot.  So we made a trip to of all places ,to the Church bookstore in Milton, Washington.  Guess what they have there:  CTR Clothing.  We love being able to find reasonably priced suits, socks and ties for the mission.

Thanks to our good friend, Kim, we were able to get Van what he needed.  She knew exactly which suits to show him.  He looks like a missionary now.  Of course this couldn't be done without measuring and lots of visiting.

What?  Did Millie go shopping?  Well, of course but I really didn't need as many things as Van.  I still have a whole wardrobe from working for the Church Educational System.  Add a blazer to the existing skirts and blouses and I look like a missionary too.  And yes, there are no pictures to post.

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