Sunday, February 12, 2012

Good-bye furniture
 The first thing we decided to get rid of was the dining room table, chairs, and china closet.  A beautiful day in October dawned with our son-in-law, Paul, coming to get the above and give them a new home.  Our daughter, Nellie, has wanted the above items since high school.  Now the furniture resides in the home of Nellie and Paul.  I made her day letting her taking the dining room furniture.  She also got a bonus--the china.  She will take good care of this part of my life.  Oh, by the way,  The furniture looks so beautiful in their home.

Part of preparing for a mission is "What are we going to do with our house while we are gone?"  Rachel was very helpful.  She is more like the "throw away queen."  We got rid of lots of things from my house.  I honestly have to say that I hadn't used any of those things in "forever."  It was great having her help me decide what to keep and what not to keep.  All of a sudden life starts flashing before my eyes and I realize that they are just things and I don't really need this "stuff."  Thanks for the great day of digging and delving Rachel.

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