Friday, August 2, 2013

Pretty lazy, Another Despedida and sister missionaries

As can be noted Millie and I have really slowed down in posting on this blog.  No excuses really just been busy and to be honest we come home each day really tired!!  We have had some sweet days in the temple.  From MTC missionaries to missionaries going home and of course Chileans melting our hearts with how loving they are.  Trying as well but then as we have thought about it probably not too different from the patrons in the Seattle temple.  They just come from along way from Santiago many times.  Today was no different.  Youth for baptisms from Copiapo, Chile which is about 10 hours north by bus.  Then from Osorno, Chile down south about 14 hours by bus or 2 plus hours by plane.  A family from Concepcion, Chile 7 hours south.  They come and stay at the hospedaje on the 2nd floor with donations as the charge.  A sealing of a family today.  The 2 sons looked like 12 and 14 or 15.  A big smile on their faces coming out of the sealing room.

We had a despedida for the Fuenteablas, Gardellas and sister Onate.  It was fun.  But very sad to say goodbye to Rina Onate.  Millie especially has become very close to her.  She will return home to Concepcion, Chile to her son and family.  Millie and I made a picture book for her at Kodak here.  She was very pleased. 

Rina talking to the group

Millie with Sister Raquel Hernandez of the Pocuro Ward
We had the sister missionaries over for dinner.  They are such neat young ladies and great missionaries.  The Pocuro ward is a very affluent ward and baptisms are hard to come by but they have had  3 or 4 which shows what such hard workers they are.  And they eat a lot of food!  I of course ordered cheesecake for Sister Torrez. I always hope that my son and daughter would have been treated this way had they been in the same situation.
Sister Shafer, Torrez, Araujo, Altamirano and Millie
We feel we are so blessed to be with the sister missionaries.  They are very powerful teachers and always leave a good spirit in our apartment.

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