Thursday, February 21, 2013

PF Changs, a movie and the upcoming temple closure

So ok I will try this again.  Was having problems with pictures and just lost everything.  So to "sum up"  We went to PF Changs's with Lance and Margie Willis to eat.  We have to take buses 117 and 411 to arrive there.  About 4 or 5 miles away.  Millie hates buses but not too bad as she could sit down and it wasn't too crowded.  The food was good the company was great.  We then returned back on bus 411 and walked about a mile home from the bus stop for exercise.  Then we took a taxi to the Costanera center mall and went and saw the movie Les Miserables.  It was good.  Paid extra to see in the Prime theatre so we had reclining leather chairs to sit in.  Was glad because 2 hours and 40 minutes is pretty long!

Eating at PF Chang's

Lance, Margie and Millie

I don't know why these pictures of us won't go bigger so they are what they are!

The temple will close in 2 weeks and we will be going on a trip with 2 couples and 2 single sisters.  Ida Murphy our dear friend from North Carolina will be coming with us as will our missionary single sister Rina Onate.  The Roberts and the Karens are the other couples.  We will be going to Punta Arenas, Chile at the tip of South America at the straits of Magellan.  Also to Torres Del Paine national park and glaciers by boat.  We look forward to it alot.  We are really tired from the work at the temple.  I guess we are officially getting older!

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  1. You look so warm and happy. Van 2hrs and 40 min is not too long foe Les Mise, I loved it. Glad you got to see it. Was it in English? Sounds like you have a fun trip planed. You should be getting pretty close to your 1 year mark, doesn't seem possible. The time is flying but I am sure at times it drags for you. Love to you both.