Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas dinner and Family Home Evening in Santiago Chile

As Christmas fast approaches it is not hard to see the differences being in the southern hemisphere.  It is about 85 degrees each day.  Kind of reminds me of our Christmases in Mesa Arizona.  Much less decorations in the stores and almost none on houses.  We hope that our little decorations help us get through the holiday season.  We have been playing our Christmas music on our I Pods and watching the occasional Hallmark Christmas movie.  Millie made cinnamon rolls for our Family Home Evening last night.  She also made her crocheted Stars for the Christmas trees and gave each couple one.  It was a wonderful Family Home Evening.  We talked about Christmas traditions and Gifts.  The Gift of the Savior being the most important. 

Last Sunday night we had a wonderful Christmas dinner here on the 4th floor with the missionary couples and Pres and Sister Otay.  Pres Otay played his guitar and sang us Chilean folkloric Christmas songs.  It was a wonderful evening and one we thoroughly enjoyed.
Frances and Perry Roberts

Sister Onate doesn't like her picture being taken!

President Otay and his wife

President Otay and his guitar and Millie

Pepe Pardo giving us all our Christmas trees made of Rice Crispy treats

Pelusa and Pepe Pardo.  Pepe recovering from surgery
We went shopping yesterday with Joe and Dixie Bowler in downtown Santiago.  They go home in 5 weeks and Dixie is getting her last minute shopping done.  We will miss them dearly.  But we will get a new couple the Saturday before they go home, so that will help the work.

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