Monday, August 20, 2012

Final chapter on San Pedro de Atacama

The geysers we visited are the 3rd largest of its kind in the world.  Of course anything compared to Yellowstone pales in comparison. But there is one feature of these geysers that is unique.  They are at 14,000 feet of altitude.  Good news Joe and I didn't have any trouble.  But we weren't running laps either!!

We were fortunate enough to see some vicunas on the hillsides coming back from the geysers.  Very cute animals

We also visited the town of Machuca population 6.  2 ladies cooking empanadas, 1 man cooking barbecue, 1 lady selling her wares that she had made.  Not sure where the other 2 were!!

That's all folks for now!!!

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  1. Those vicunas are very cute. You should bring one back home for me in your suitcase.