Wednesday, March 14, 2012

St George

Opening Gifts
Where's the present?
Dinner with the gang at the Condo
 First stop was our son's home.  Maddux, Aidan, Avery and Haper got gifts from Grandpa & Grandma. Where is Harper?
Can I sleep with you, Grandma?

A Movie in the Backyard.
Our Little Men Maddux & Aidan
 The big event in St. George, Utah was our oldest grandson's baptism.  It was truly a milestone day with lots of family on both sides there.  All the Layman aunts were there.  Nellie, Alex, Rachel and DeAnna.  Daryl and Brad, Rachel and DeAnna's husbands respectively.  Cousins, Avery, Adddison and Haper.  Grandpa and Grandma are so pleased that Maddux made the decision to be baptized and that we were all there to share this special day.

(Is there a reason your eyes are closed, Grandma?)

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